Claims Administration

The primary goal of Sierra Nevada Administrators is to effectively manage claims, control losses and return the injured worker back to the job as soon as it is medically practical and before the disability mindset can take hold.

The expertise and stability of our claims staff helps reduce employers' losses while keeping them updated with detailed progress of each and every claim.

Services include:

  • Proactive claims management 
  • Return-to-work program
  • Expert medical management 
  • Client online access to our claim system
  • Litigation management and representation
  • Heart & lung expertise
  • Automated regulatory and management reports
  • Quality staffing
  • Experience in multiple industries

Proactive Claims Management

A proven track record of limiting lost time and controlling costs.

Quality Staffing

Consistent, quality claims management has a direct correlation to staffing stability. Sierra Nevada Administrators invests in its employees, offering competitive compensation and benefit packages, as well as training classes to further professional development. The result is improved employee retention and a superior work product.

Coordination of Services

Sierra Nevada Administrators understands that employees are an employer's asset. We also understand that on-the-job injuries can be challenging and frustrating for both the injured worker and the employer. By combining our expertise in full case management with advanced return-to-work services, our clients benefit from a full spectrum of claims management strategies and techniques that work to reduce disability duration and lower total claim costs.

Experience in Multiple Industries

Sierra Nevada Administrators has developed an impeccable servicing reputation with clients across industry lines. Whether in the public or private sector, our claims professionals know the issues that impact an organization’s workers’ compensation program. Where specific statutes or regulations apply, with heart and lung or other occupational diseases, our claims experts and nurse case managers have the requisite knowledge to ensure appropriate benefit delivery while containing costs.

Ability to Demonstrate Value

Outcomes. Benchmarking. Savings. Sierra Nevada Administrators has designed its powerful service array around the concept that, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Our client partners are provided regular, meaningful data that gauge program effectiveness. Additionally, clients can access their claims information on-line and download reports and raw data for easy manipulation.